Passion for Wine & Planet

This is how we roll.

Targeting Wine Waste

In early 2003, the wine company Grand Vinum established themselves as a Swedish Wine Importer introducing unique gastronomic wines to the Swedish market. The primary focus being to create hight-quality consumer-oriented dinner settings achieved by using novel gastronomic research. Nevertheless, an important objective in those days, was to optimize the hedonic pleasure.

In 2015, the world dramatically changed. The appetite for gastronomic and hedonistic escapades had for long time giving a harsh and bitter aftertaste to our work in the field of gastronomy. The final outcome being the decision of the CEO and majority owner at the time to return to the university with a new focus in mind.

In present time, 20 years later since the company started, it has resurrected, not only supported by Örebro University Holding Company, but also with Dr. Crichton-Fock back as CEO. Now, with a new mission in focus, that no longer gives a bad aftertaste….

Breaking the Paradigm

Creating New Meal Experiences

Implementation of Research

Crossmodal correspondence

Contextual Adjustment

Multi-sensory influence

Holistic Meal Experiences

Food & Wine Pairing Expertise

Optimize the Natural resources

Certified Upcycling

Innovative and Vibrant

Classification & Preservation

Analogical and Analytical Analysis

The Double Grip Analysis